Publisher's Regulations


Electronic Journal of Polish Agricultural Universities (EJPAU)

  1. Electronic Journal of Polish Agricultural Universities (EJPAU) publishes original scientific papers from Poland and abroad in English at in the following topics: Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Engineering, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Economics, Environmental Development, Fisheries, Food Science and Technology, Forestry, Geodesy and Cartography, Horticulture, Wood Technology, and Veterinary Medicine.

  2. The Electronic Journal of Polish Agricultural Universities (EJPAU) adheres to the standards which demand that the authors present their results in a clear, reliable and honest way and there is no place for "ghostwriting" and "guest authorship".

    "Ghostwritin" is a situation when someone has an essential contribution in the publication without revealing it as a co-author or in an acknowledgement placed in the paper.

    "Guest authorship" ("honorary authorship") is a situation when an author’s contribution is slight or non-existent, though they are the author/co-author of the publication.>

    We hope that cases of "ghostwriting" and "guest authorship" will not happen in works submitted to the Electronic Journal of Polish Agricultural Universities (EJPAU), and the editorial office will not be compelled to inform of such cases to the respective institutions and/or authors’ employees.

    The high standards of publishing in the Electronic Journal of Polish Agricultural Universities (EJPAU) demand that publications indicate the sponsors of the research being presented.

    The authors of a publication submit a statement where they transfer copyrights to the Editor and declare that the work will not be published elsewhere and it does not violate the copyrights of other persons, and also they submit a statement regarding any conflict of interests and a statement on their contribution to the work being published.

    The authors bear the cost of publication and are informed of such obligation in a receipt which is sent from the editorial office.

  3. Reader's comments, author's replies, which should be submitted within 3 months, are published in the chapter headed "Discussions".

  4. Only papers not published elsewhere will be considered for publications, which must be acknowledged in writing by each author on a form provided by the journal publishers. A prerequisite for publication of any paper is its acceptance by a reviewer and the transfer of author's copyrights to the EJPAU publishers.

    Download Declaration and Transfer of Copyright
  5. Author contribute to publication costs.