Foundation Act of the Electronic Journal of Polish Agricultural Universities, a scientific journal on the Internet

On this 1st day of January 1998 Polish agricultural schools of higher education by their mutual agreement establish a scientific journal called Electronic Journal of Polish Agricultural Universities published exclusively on the Internet. The aim of the Journal is to provide an academic community of agricultural schools and instititutions with high-quality use of the internet capacities to present its scientific achievements all over the world.

Signatories of this act believe that this method of information dissemination will prevail in the future and revolutionize the exchange of research between scientific centres on our planet.

The journal shall publish articles in eight series, corresponding to scientific disciplines approved by the Central Committee for Scientific Degrees and Titles.

The seats of the Editorial Boards of the series shall be with the Publishers of the universities, founders of the journal.

Technical Editorial Board will be located at the Publishers of the Agricultural University of Wrocław.

Agricultural schools of higher education acknowledge, and wish to stress the support provided by the State Commitee for Scientific Research and its contribution to the development of the Internet in Poland. Long-range planning by the said Committee has resulted in the promotion of electronic communication; thus enabling Polish scientific centres to communicate with their partners around the world and making immediate, the access to the global university of knowledge utilized by the users of the Internet.

Signatories of this act do trust that they will satisfy desires and hopes of academic circles for a modern type of a journal.

Done at Wrocław on December 18, 1997.