1. General Information

The Electronic Journal of Agricultural Universities requires that manuscripts be formatted to conform strictly to the regulations of the copy editor and publishers. The main body of the manuscript must include the abstract, core article and references and must be saved as one text file. Tables, figures, graphs and other appendices all constitute attachments and each of them must be saved to a separate file, in applicable file format (.GIF, .JPEG etc.)

2. For Authors

Text and graphics formats

Text files as well as tables must be submitted in either MS Word for Windows (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf). Most text editors for Windows will save to this format.
Please, do not embed figures, graphs, tables or any other objects in your text.

Graphics (photographs, figures and graphs) will be accepted in the following formats:

None of the vector formats (from Corel Draw, Designer, Autocad, Illustrator, etc.) will be accepted.
Do not include title and caption information with your photographs, figures or graphs.
All caption information and titles must be provided in the List of Attachments as a separate file.
Our electronic journal permits the inclusion of non-text appendices such as video files, computer simulation programs or landsat images. Please note that only a limited number of our subscribers have systems that will support these advanced file formatting.

Document style

Fonts, Spacing and Numbering

The following is recommended:
- a 12-point font, preferably Times although 10-point Arial will be acceptable
- single line spacing throughout
- no page numbers (neither automatic nor manual)

Underlining and Italicization

- text underlining is unacceptable (letters, words or sentences)!
- fonts can be italicized or bold


- automatic headers and footers are not acceptable as they cannot be handled by our journal software
- normal footnotes are not permitted. Any footnotes must be typed on the last page of the manuscript as a text document. Annotation numbers referring to the footnotes in the text of the article should be put in paranthesis in the text e.g. < footnote 1>

Greek characters

- Greek characters (original symbols) are not permitted. They are not supported as symbols by most graphic browsers. All Greek characters are to be written out in full (eg. alpha, beta)

Formatting the Main Body of the Manuscript

The sent text in the MS Word for Windows format or in the Rich Text Format should contain the following elements:

- The title of the article,
- The forename and name of the author,
- The full name of the institution where the author is employed as well as the correspondence address and the e-mail address,
- Summary of the article (from 600 to 1000 characters),
- Key words (up to 6 words) which are helpful for indexation and searching, the first word indicating the topic. It is recommended that the key words are not repeated in the title.
- Text of the article contains the sections: introduction, purpose (scientific hypothesis), materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusions, acknowledgements and literature. It is advisable to make reference to publications which are essential for the subject of the study, also those published in previous issues of EJPAU,
- Reference – should be given in alphabetical order in the following manner: surname(s) of the author(s), forename initials, year of publication, the original title, the title of the work in English should be placed in parenthesis just after the original title; the bibliographical abbreviation of the Publisher, place of publication, volume, issue, page numbers and DOI (Digital Object Identifier). Making reference to other authors we give the order number [1], [12,13,22] from the reference list.

References example:
[1] Aliwa A.M., 2006. Plodovitost i gistologicheskaya kharakteristika polovykh zhelez samok zherekha Aspius aspius (L.). [The fecundity and the histological characteristics of the sexual cycle of female asp Aspius aspius (L.).] Vopr. Ikhthyol. 24, 6, 1036-1045. [In Russian]. DOI:10.30825/5.EJPAU.XXX.2016.66.6,
[2] Greń J., Kowalski Z., 2003. Statystyka w badaniach [Statistics in research]. PWN Warszawa. [In Polish],
[3] Greń J., Kowalski Z., 2009. Metody statystyczne [Statistical methods], Wyd. Uniw. Wroc. Wrocław. [In Polish],
[4] Niedziółka I., Szymanek M., Rybczyński R. 2004. Technologia produkcji kukurydzy cukrowej [Sweet corn production technology]. Acta Agrophys. Rozpr. Monogr. 114, 8. [In Polish],
[5] Pernetti M., van Malssen K., Kalnin D., Flater E.: 2007, Structuring edible oil with lecithin and sorbitan tri-stearate. Food Hydrocolloids, 21, 855-861, DOI:10.30825/5.EJPAU.176.2019.33.2

- Full list of enclosed files.


List of Attachments

A List of Attachments to be provided must contain all the files attached together with format, namely:

- tables (.rtf)
- figures (.gif, .jpg)
- graphs (.gif, .jpg)
- photographs (.gif, .jpg)
- caption information (captions under photographs and figures, titles to tables, entries for the figure bars)

3. Reviewing Procedure

1. Manuscripts which do not conform with the editorial directives are not accepted.
2. Each work is subject to review by two reviewers from outside the authors’ institution.
3. Reviews are executed in the so-called "double-blind review process”, which means that both the reviewers and authors do not know their identities.
4. The review is in writing on a form which can be found on an internet page of EJPAU.
5. In case the reviewers suggest alterations, the authors are notified of the fact by the Editorial Office. If the author contests the reviewers’ comments, a written justification is required.
6. When an article gets two negative reviews, the Editorial Office informs the corresponding author that the article will not be published.
7. In case the article gets two different opinions, the decision regarding publishing will be made by the Editor-in-chief after consultation with the section editor (scientific value).
8. A list of reviewers is published, after publishing the last article of the year.

4. Review Form

Download Review Form

5. Declaration and Transfer of Copyright (Statements)

Download declaration