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Volume 8
Issue 4
Koreleski D. 2005. LIFE QUALITY PERCEPTION, EJPAU 8(4), #77.
Available Online: http://www.ejpau.media.pl/volume8/issue4/abs-77.html


Dariusz Koreleski
Department of Economics, Agricultural University of Cracow, Poland



The paper presents different aspects of life quality perception. The quantitative and qualitative approaches have been presented. Main differences of life quality perception referring to the households in the city and in the rural areas have been shown. The author also described the Japanese “5 S” concept and the so-called “Quality circles”. The main aim of the paper was to show (using different approaches of qualitative, as well as quantitative character) how life quality may be perceived in comparison to the standard of living. Presenting life quality in a household the author stressed the role of the following factors: human factor, material factor and socio-economic activity factor. The sense of the Japanese 5 S concept was to underline the Far East philosophy of life, where the man involved in activity, improves all aspects of life according to the feedback rule, i.e. restlessly.

Key words: life quality, perception, qualitative approach, quantitative approach, living standard, welfare, household, concept.

Dariusz Koreleski
Department of Economics,
Agricultural University of Cracow, Poland
Al. Mickiewicza 21, 31-120 Cracow, Poland
email: dkoreleski@ar.krakow.pl

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