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Volume 8
Issue 2
Geodesy and Cartography
Bednarczyk M. 2005. TESTING GEODETIC SOFTWARE, EJPAU 8(2), #28.
Available Online: http://www.ejpau.media.pl/volume8/issue2/abs-28.html


Micha│ Bednarczyk
Institute of Geodesy, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland



Software quality depends primarily on a properly planned and correctly carried out development process. Testing, which has an enormous influence on the whole project, is one phase of this process. This is the last step of production and includes system implementation as well. Specialist software, which without a doubt geodetic applications are, requires special attention to work quality. It should be ensured already at the design phase, when individual functions are created according to requirements specification. But often the product can not be properly evaluated before the end of the production process. Some deficiencies and shortcomings (resulting from erroneous coding, incorrect interpretation of user requirements or design flaws) become apparent only after the end of the production process. The only way to minimize the number of these errors is the participation of geodesy experts in the testing phase. They can support their knowledge and experience with specialist software, which allows to shorten the time and decrease the cost of this time-consuming process.

This paper is an attempt to address the cooperation of geodesy and information technology in the testing stage of geodetic software development.

Key words: geodesy software, software testing, automated testing.

Micha│ Bednarczyk
Institute of Geodesy,
University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland
Prawoche˝skiego 15, 10-720 Olsztyn, Poland
email: e-mail: w.m.bednarczyk@wp.pl

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