EJPAU, 2014, Volume 17, Issue 4

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17(4) #01
17 Oct 2014
Agricultural Engineering
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Indices characterising unreliability of medium and low voltage power grids in rural areas of southern Poland, used by distribution companies in the analysis of electricity recipients’ energy security, were investigated. In particular they were compared with analogous values describing national networks, including networks in cities, and their changes in the years 2002–2011 were analysed. It was found that the condition of electric power security of rural consumers from southern Poland does not differ significantly from the average national value and it has improved some over the past ten years.

17(4) #05
21 Nov 2014
Agricultural Engineering
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The geometric parameters along with related colour properties of food and agricultural products are important in order to characterize and describe its quality. Presently, the quality assessment of food and agricultural products on the basis of visual inspection are done by human, so it is time consuming and laborious. The alternative of visual inspection is computer vision system, with the application of image processing technique for this purpose can certainly reduce the human drudgery while guaranteeing the quality of food and agricultural products. In this paper, a new colour and geometric parameters estimation methods suggested, to provide automatic and intuitive way of quality inspection of cashew kernel from an image accurately. The geometric parameters are obtained manually and proposed method, and we have estimated the average values (i.e. minimum and maximum) of length, width and an area of cashew kernels (white wholes) grade. Finally, compared the results of geometric parameters using proposed method and manually done. To identify the representation of colour values in suitable colour space for cashew kernel, we have investigated the hardware-oriented (i.e. RGB color space), human-oriented (i.e. HSV color space) and instrumental (i.e. CIEL*A*B* color space). It is estimated from our research that, the statistical measurements of cashew kernels (white wholes) grade colour parameters from the proposed methods.  Finally the paper concludes by highlighting the necessity of such computer vision system and insight into the methodology that attempts to fix the universal estimation of colour and geometric  parameters measurement of cashew kernels (white wholes) grade.

17(4) #02
29 Oct 2014
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The problem of infestation of maize (Zea mays) grain with mycotoxins, in the view of particular agroecological conditions, i.e. simplified tillage, chemical protection against weeds, require continuous and profound research. The aim of the research carried out in 2008–2010 was to determine the effect of weed infestation on the increased  occurrence of  fungus diseases in two maize cultivars depending on the used simplified tillage systems and determination of the level of mycotoxins in tested grain cultivars. Poor efficiency of the  rimsulfuron herbicide, applied in combination with an adjuvant, as well as decreased tolerance of SALGADO cultivar to that chemical compound were the cause of the following disadvantageous phenomena: increased weed infestation with Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) P. Beaur., Chenopodium album L. and Artemisia vulgaris L., more considerable grain infestation with fungi of F. culmorum and F. avenaceum species, significant decrease in grain yield size and elevated level of deoxynivalenol (2.648 mg·kg-1) and zearaleon (0.273 mg·kg-1) mycotoxins in grain as compared to the not treated object and to BLASK cultivar, especially in simplified tillage.
17(4) #07
12 Dec 2014
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The following paper brings the results of a 6-year observation of Allium scorodoprasum population in Turzyn near Wyszków. The species is endangered in Poland (category V) and in the area of South-Podlaska Lowland (category EN). The station is situated in a deciduous forest, on a high slope of the Bug river valley (area ca. 150 m2). In 2005, 2008 and 2011 the number and height of generative and vegetative specimens were investigated. Generative individuals in sunny places were significantly higher compared to vegetative ones. The difference was also confirmed for a station in Siedlce. The effect of light on height of Allium scorodoprasum individuals was also noted. In 2008, in overshadowed places no blooming individuals were observed. The first blooming shoots were observed in 2011, as a result of improvement of light conditions.

17(4) #03
18 Nov 2014
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The study presents modeling of human-consumption rye price in Poland in the period: Aug 2010 to Oct 2013. ARIMA techniques are used to analyze the time series. ARIMA(1,1,1) with intervention model was applied and tested using the Box-Jenkins methodology (identification, estimation and diagnostic). The data were collected from the website of Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Diagnostics, calculations and forecasting were conducted using STATISTICA package.

17(4) #09
16 Dec 2014
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The aim of this paper is to determine the demographic and socio-economic characteristics which influence the risk of monetary poverty of households from the Mazowieckie Voivodship. For this purpose, the binary logit model is applied. To identify poor households, the relative poverty line is used. Thus, each household is ascribed to one of two subsets: poor or nonpoor. The empirical analysis is based on the Household Budget Survey carried out by Central Statistical Office of Poland in 2010. In addition, a comparison of the risk of poverty of households from the Mazowieckie Voivodship to the situation of households from other Polish voivodships is made. The analysis does not include nonmonetary dimensions of poverty.
17(4) #04
20 Nov 2014
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The aim of the present study was to evaluate the relationship between histamine content and microbial load of refrigerated rainbow trout fillet during different storage times (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 days). In order to determine the extent of reduction in quality of the fillets, spoilage indicators including total bacterial load, psychrotropic bacteria, coliforms, Lactobacillus, staphilococci, yeast and mold, E. coli and Salmonella were studied. The results showed that histamine content increased significantly (p < 0.05) from 1.96 to 7.98 mg kg-1 during 20-day storage. The bacterial load of the plates indicated that all bacterial spoilage parameters with the exception staphilococci increased significantly during the 20-day refrigeration period, in which the highest rate of growth was achieved for the psychrotropic bacteria (10.23 log CFU g-1) and total bacterial load (11.48 log CFU g-1). All fillets were declared unfit for consumption after the fifth day of preservation according to the allowable limit defined for the total bacterial load (7 log CFU g-1). No salmonella and E. coli were observed in all samples. There was a highly significantly (p < 0.01) positive correlation (0.64) between histamine content and total bacterial load. Generally, the results indicated that total bacterial load and psychrotropic bacteria were more beneficial than histamine content to determine the reduction of fillet quality. It was found that histamine could not be regarded as a suitable spoilage parameter in trout as its level failed to achieve the European Community Standard of 100 mg kg-1. The histamine increase rate was on the other hand highly dependent upon the total bacterial load, coliforms, yeast and molds, all of them can result from the rise in the content of this parameter during the spoilage process.

17(4) #08
15 Dec 2014
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The aim of the present study was to follow changes in the content of total polyphenols and anthocyanins as well as antioxidant activity in methanol and water extracts prepared from dried wrinkled rose (Rosa rugosa) petals stored for a year at 21 ± 1ºC. Polyphenols were evaluated by Folin-Ciocalteau assay and anthocyanins were determined by the pH-differential method. Antioxidant properties were assayed by DPPH radical scavenging activity and by measuring the reducing power of both extracts. The extracts were a rich and stable source of polyphenols (800–1300 mg/100 g) and anthocyanins (85–150 mg/100 g). Extract antioxidant activity expressed as EC50 value did not change significantly during storage of dry material  and  was quite high (0.9–1.5 g/g DPPH). Reducing power was strongly correlated with EC50 (r = -0.86, p < 0.01). The antioxidant power of both extracts correlated more closely with polyphenol content than with anthocyanins. Extracts of methanol showed better antioxidant properties than those of water, probably due to higher polyphenol and anthocyanin content.

17(4) #10
30 Dec 2014
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A top cross scheme was used to assess the effects of general combining ability and narrow-sense heritability coefficients in four strawberry cultivars. Maternal parent plants of four cultivars: ‘Elkat’, ‘Filon’, ‘Heros’ and ‘Seal’ were crossed with two paternal cultivars: ‘Pastel’ and ‘Jota’. The hybrids derived in this way were assessed for number of inflorescences, fruit yield, average fruit mass, and leaf mass in 2010–2012. Estimated heritability coefficients were 0.63–0.64 for number of inflorescences, 0.32–0.45 for fruit yield, 0.29–0.40 for average fruit mass and 0.31–0.38 for leaf mass. The high estimated heritability for number of inflorescences indicates that selection may help to effectively increase the value of the trait in the offspring. The effects of general combining ability in the investigated cultivars varied. ‘Elkat’ presented high values regarding fruit yield and number of inflorescences for both paternal forms used as testers. The ‘Filon’ cultivar responded similarly to applied paternal forms with regard to individual fruit weight. The effects of combining ability of leaf mass trait were dependent upon the paternal form used in the crossing scheme.

17(4) #06
10 Dec 2014
Wood Technology
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Few research papers deal with the important aspect of furniture design in the context of optimisation of hinge mounting techniques. The aim of the performed experiments was to determine stiffness of furniture door manufactured from laminated particleboards. The impact of spacings between concealed hinges as well as the diameter of screws mounting these hinges on stiffness and strength of doors was investigated. It was demonstrated on the basis of the obtained research results and their analyses that door stiffness increased together with the increase of distances between hinges. Employing the developed regression equations, it is possible to select spacings between hinges at an assumed deflection or, conversely, to determine a deflection at an assumed spacing of hinges.

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