EJPAU, 2016, Volume 19, Issue 3

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19(3) #01
18 Jul 2016
Food Science and Technology
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Nowadays yoghurts belong to significant group of dairy products. Apart from having good taste, they also have dietetic and healthy values. The present work was established to study possibility of obtaining a model, yoghurt-type product based on inulin and whey with addition of saccharose. Texture profile analysis including hardness, adhesiveness, cohesiveness was analyzed. Additionally viscosity and pH were determined. The studies showed that samples with a 15% inulin were characterized by higher values for most of the tested textural and rheological features. Yoghurt mimetics with 15% content of inulin were firmer in comparison with mimetics containing 13% inulin. The results showed no link between the content of inulin and cohesiveness. Rheological and textural properties of yoghurt mimetics were not clearly affected by saccharose concentration

19(3) #02
01 Aug 2016
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The present study involved a detailed analysis of foliar feeding of the winter oilseed rape cultivar ‘Kana’ combined with different regimes of fertilization with calcium and magnesium compounds. Foliar fertilizers, INSOL PK + 5% urea solution and EKOSOL U, were applied three times during the growing period and four different soil fertilization treatments were used: control without fertilization, NPK, NPK + MgSO4 · 7H2O, and NPK + CaO + MgO. This study was carried out based on a three-year field experiment on medium soil with a pH of 4.2 in 1 mole KCl · dm-3 and with the grain-size distribution of silt loam. The soil was characterized by a low content of available phosphorus and potassium as well as a very low content of sulfur and magnesium. The soil fertilization treatments used and the foliar fertilizers resulted in differences in the yield parameters, the macronutrient content in seed and straw as well as in the protein and oil content in seed. This study found the best production effects and quality parameters in the cultivation of winter oilseed rape in the treatment with the use of magnesium lime in the fertilizer dose. The foliar fertilizers caused greater differences in seed yield as well as in protein and oil content and yield than in the mineral composition.

19(3) #03
01 Aug 2016
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The objective of the study was classification of the experimental stations of the Post-registration Variety Testing (PDO) Programme in Lower Silesia into groups with notable similarity in the variation of the winter wheat cultivars performance. The analysis covered yields of the winter wheat obtained in seven PDO experiments in the years 2009–2011 carried out at high level of cultivation, comprising full chemical protection against pests and fungal diseases, application of an anti-lodging agent, and supplementary foliar nutrition. The research was based on the results of grain yields of 11 winter wheat cultivars; the experiments set up in the two-factor strip-plot design. The results obtained permitted identification within the experimental stations analyzed of three groups of localities differing significantly in the yield variability of the wheat cultivars studied. The first group includes Tomaszów and Naroczycze. The second group, composed of a single element, is made up by the experimental station of Pawłowice, which is characterized by lack of correlation with the other localities. The third group includes Zybiszów, Kobierzyce, Kondratowice and Tarnów. The significant changes taking place in the soil-climate environment indicate that micro-regionalization of the winter wheat cultivars under the diverse conditions of certain areas in the provinces of South Poland may contribute to an increase in yields of this cereal crop.

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