EJPAU, 2019, Volume 22, Issue 3

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22(3) #01
11 Jul 2019
Environmental Development
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The aim of this paper is an analysis if the provisions of development plans in the context of flood protection. Both crisis plans created for crisis management and local plans were analysed in QGIS software. Coverage and content of local development plan and land cover were analysed in details in flood risk areas. The results are presented in cartographic and tabular form. The study has shown the necessity for appropriate plans and programs supporting flood protection in Krakow. This is particularly important in urban areas with high population density and developmental pressure as in those areas the effects of floods would be particularly severe.

22(3) #02
20 Aug 2019
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The article discusses the key characteristics of the non-life insurance market and the impact of selected product strategies on the financial results of the group of 7 leading insurance companies in Poland in 2012–2017. The main objective of the study is to consider the choice of an insurance strategy from the point of view of the financial results of insurance companies.  The article attempts to verify empirically which strategy, i.e. diversification or product specialization, was more effective for the group of 7 leading insurers on the Polish non-life insurance market in 2012–2017.  The study showed that the product diversification strategy implemented in the group of 7 leading insurers was statistically positively correlated with the insurers' profitability rates in the non-life insurance sector.  The product specialization in this group was negatively significantly correlated with the profitability rates. In addition, the study showed that the variables representing firm size and investment income positively and statistically significantly affect the performance of non-life insurers in Poland.

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