EJPAU, 2018, Volume 21, Issue 1

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21(1) #01
15 Jan 2018
Environmental Development
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The purpose was to evaluate and analyze the changes within the system of economics of waste management in Poland in the context of regional ecologization on example of Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship. For the term 2004–2015, we indicate predominant tendencies in urban wastes production and its management in Poland. The above problem was presented both in the general Polish context of changes observed in the waste management system, and in regional perspective. To fulfill the goal , particular diagnostic indicators were selected in order to describe the state of economics of waste management, which are comparable for various levels of administrative units.

21(1) #02
12 Feb 2018
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The root system architecture of potato plants can play a key role in breeding new cultivars with higher drought tolerance. The purpose of this work was to assess the variability of the root systems of selected potato cultivars in the periods of highest sensitivity to drought. The plants of fifteen cultivars from different maturity classes were tested by using aeroponics. The study of the aboveground part of plants, tuber formation and the root system features was conducted at the early stage of tuberization. The results of the experiment were analyzed using ANOVA. Means were separated with Tukey’s contrast analysis at significance level 0.05. Significant differences among maturity class of cultivars in terms of length of stems, fresh matter of the above-ground part of plants, rooting depth, and fresh and dry matter of roots were found. The root system differences between genotypes were related to maturity class. At the early stage of tuberization very early cultivars were characterized by shallower rooting depth and less fresh and dry matter of roots than early and medium early cultivars. It was found that cultivars Tetyda and Finezja are cultivars of special beneficial traits of the root system.

21(1) #03
26 Feb 2018
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The effect of concentration of lignite, derived from the Polish mine in Bełchatów, pretreated with 8M nitric acid, on the yield of its biosolubilization by Fusarium oxysporum 1101 strain was studied. Observed decrease in pH during lignite biosolubilization by the F. oxysporum 1101 was correlated with amounts of humic and fulvic acids released from the substrate. Conversely, in the lignite-free medium the strain synthesized alkaline compounds that caused an increase in pH. The highest biosolubilization yield was achieved when the culture medium was supplemented with 5% of  lignite (3-times higher than in the medium supplemented with 10% of coal). In this case, for the first 8 days, the products with gradually decreasing molecular masses were efficiently released (the E4/E6 ratio was growing) and then polymerized (the E4/E6 ratio was reduced), and the content of condensed aromatic rings was decreased. The FTIR analysis showed that the relative intensity of the peaks reflected the concentration of functional groups in the tested products. Only the spectrum of products released from 10% coal contained the additional peak, corresponding to -CH(Ar) groups.

21(1) #04
26 Mar 2018
Geodesy and Cartography
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Complete presentation of a geotourist site requires a description of the location. Some maps are designed exactly for that purpose, but geotourist features may be also found on other tourist maps.
   After presentation of the general idea of the tourist maps, the main characteristics of these maps (purposes, types and content) are discussed with remarks on geotourism.
   The principal questions concern the properties of the geological information and the geological information in relation to other subject matters. The number, classes and graphical form of the represented sites are considered from the perspective of cartographical symbolization. The additional content of maps, especially the descriptive part, is also compared.
   Polish tourist maps are involved as the subject of studies. Some examples, derived from these maps, illustrate the discussed problems. A prior selection was made to compare maps designed in various times and by different publishing houses.

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