EJPAU, 2012, Volume 15, Issue 4

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15(4) #01
31 Dec 2012
Agricultural Engineering
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The study presents an analysis of issues concerning technical maintenance of domestic agricultural production. Actions in the area of maintaining the technical readiness of farm vehicles and machines offered by producers in authorised distribution networks were characterised. Internal and external factors occurring in the process of the operation of products were presented. Requirements addressed to authorised servicing points and works carried out by servicing point employees were discussed. The survey also included technical maintenance, i.e. pre-sales inspections, and inspections and repairs carried out during and after the warranty period. The series of surveys included the years 2003-2010. The surveys were conducted in the enterprise carrying out authorised distribution and servicing activities of farm vehicles and machines. The quantitative structure of the servicing was presented in a graphic form and was subject to a statistical analysis with the use of the R program, version 2.14.1. The trend as well as random and seasonal fluctuations for a series of monthly observations were defined. The temporal distributions of the work conducted by the Service Department were analysed and evaluated in the context of the calendar of agrotechnical operations.

15(4) #03
31 Dec 2012
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A Gram-negative bacterial strain characterized by high proteolytic activity was isolated from rhizosphere soil under winter wheat. Morphological and biochemical testing as well as analysis of 16S rRNA gene sequence identified the strain as Pseudomonas chlororaphis. In this study an extracellular endopeptidase synthesized by the strain was purified and characterized. The enzyme showed highest activity at pH 11 and at temperature 42°C. The molecular weight determined by SDS-PAGE was approx. 51 kDa. The studied endopeptidase was characterized by low thermal stability in the 37-45°C range. The activity of the enzyme was strongly inhibited by specific metallopeptidase inhibitors, which allowed classifying the studied protein as a metalloendopeptidase. Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions stimulated the activity of the enzyme, whereas Mn2+, Co2+ and Cu2+ ions inhibited it.

15(4) #02
31 Dec 2012
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The study was carried out to determine the response of pumpkin (cucurbita pepo L.) to zinc and manganese fertilizers at Agricultural Research Farm of Qazvin, Iran during 2011. The experimental design was a split-plot based on randomized complete blocks with four replications. Irrigation regimes (I1 – irrigation after 50 mm and I2 – Irrigation after 100 mm cumulative evaporation from class A pan) allotted to the main plots affected the pre-flowering stage. Subplots, which consisted of split plots, comprised of four foliar application levels (no spray application as control, Zn as ZnSo4, Mn as MnSo4 and Zn+Mn) of micronutrients at flowering stage. Seed number, seed yield, fruit yield and oil content of pumpkin showed significant response to foliar spray (P<0.01) and irrigation regimes (P<0.05).The highest seed yield (797 kg·ha-1) was obtained from foliar spray of Zn+Mn followed by irrigation patterns of  I2. Irrigation according to 50 mm evaporation, regardless of foliar application, resulted in maximum fruit yield. Clearly, reducing the irrigation interval led to increased fruit yield. Hence, foliar spray of Zn+Mn coupled with higher irrigation intervals (I2) should be practised to obtain maximum seed number and seed yield from pumpkin in semi-arid region of Qazvin.

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