EJPAU, 2012, Volume 15, Issue 3

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15(3) #01
28 Sep 2012
Agricultural Engineering
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The drying characteristics of soybean during combined hot air-microwave drying were examined. The experiments were carried out for combination of five microwave power densities (0.89, 1.6, 3.2, 4.3, 5.3 W/g) and four levels of air temperatures (30, 40, 50 and 60 °C). Among several models which were fitted to the experimental data, the Modified Two Term model was introduced to be the most appropriate model to predict moisture ratio as a function of air temperature and microwave power density. The effective moisture diffusivity was calculated in the range from 8.740×10-10 m2/s to 3.9664×10-9 m2/s.

15(3) #02
21 Dec 2012
Animal Husbandry
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The objective of the study was to analyse the effectiveness of breeding for conformation traits in American mink as well as estimate genetic and phenotypic trends in the traits. Minks of the standard, pastel and palomino varieties were examined. They were raised at two breeding farms situated in north-western Poland. The analysis included a 10-year period of breeding and was performed on 3583 animals. Assessment was made of mink body weight, size, colour purity and fur quality as well as total point score.

Using the statistical package SAS, genetic parameters were determined for each trait in addition to phenotypic and genetic trends. Average values of the traits calculated for individual years were used to determine phenotypic trends whereas genetic trends were determined based on breeding values estimated by the BLUP method.

Of the traits analysed, fur colour purity tended to be the most prone to selection. The heritability of this trait was 0.33. The strongest genotypic associations were between mink body weight and body size (0.74), the phenotypic correlation of the traits being much lower than the genotypic one (0.21). The difference may indicate that there was a substantial influence of genetic factors on the traits analysed.

Genetic trend lines for conformation traits reflected an increasing tendency, which may indicate that selection for the traits was effective. Unlike genetic trends, phenotypic trends were relatively stable, their lines displaying a downward tendency, however. This, in turn, indicates a need to change the selection system and methods of breeding work on farms.

15(3) #03
31 Dec 2012
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The aim of this paper is to determine the spatial relationship of agricultural land prices with the selected features. The article presents data for land prices low, medium, and good in the period 2004 to 2011. The paper presents a comparison of different regression models: SAR, quantile regression. The results justifying by using quantile regression.

15(3) #04
31 Dec 2012
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Enterprises operating in the logistics services market are forced to solve many difficulties concerning this type of trading. First of all, it is crucial for them to determine the strategic and operational objectives, to maintain a competitive market. From the strategic point of view, the most important is to offer service on the highest level which allows to have the maximum revenue. The aim of this paper is to determine the level of clients satisfaction with the services provided by individual shipping company: "Raben Group Poland" which is the main shipping contractor of "Agro-Fish" – family company which products fish meal, fish oil and fodder. In the paper there are also point out the factors influencing this satisfaction. The research problem relates to customer service satisfaction and support evaluation of the system as a whole. The research was taken by the employer of Agro-Fish company in order to write master thesis, however it was not founding by the company.

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