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Volume 4
Issue 2
Wood Technology
Smardzewski J. , Gawroński T. 2001. FEM ALGORITHM FOR CHAIR OPTIMISATION, EJPAU 4(2), #1.
Available Online: http://www.ejpau.media.pl/volume4/issue2/wood/abs-1.html


Jerzy Smardzewski, Tomasz Gawroński



Current trends to improve the quality and reliability of manufactured finished products cause that more and more attention is paid to the optimisation of rigidity-strength dimensioning of furniture elements constructional nodes. The objective of this study was to estimate the effectiveness of static optimisation methods determining the minimum of material volume in time function and sampling number. Moreover, the performed investigations aimed at establishing minimal dimensions of component elements of the construction at maximum strength parameters. The experiments carried out revealed that static optimisation of the construction of the chair with the aid of the Monte-Carlo method integrated with the FEM environment allowed to reduce material consumption to 53% of the initial volume within 17 seconds of work of the application. A sub-optimal solution, sufficient for engineering practice, is reached, on average, in time 18 times shorter than that reached using the random walk method.

Key words: furniture, numeric optimisation, strength, rigidity, material, time.